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General Information

Core Management Group, Inc.

Core Management Group, Inc., is the property management company for The Cosmopolitan. Contact Core Management if you have any questions or in case of an emergency.

Core Management Group, Inc.

Roland Palaypay, Property Manager

Mail: Box 642, Station Main, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2K8
Office: 300, 8104 82 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0Y4
Fax: 780-665 – 6081
Telephone: 780-651-1577


Condominium fees

Condominium fees are due on the first day of each month and can be paid by mailing or e-mailing a void cheque or a preauthorized payment form to Core Management Group Inc., and include your unit number in the memo area.


If you need to move any large items in or out of the building you must:

  • Install the elevator pads which are stored in the moving room beside the elevators.
  • Enter and exit the building using the moving door located 5 meters west of the front entrance.
  • Contact Core Management 2 weeks in advance to reserve a moving time and the elevator key.

You will be fined for moving any large item without using the elevator pads and exterior moving door.

Front Entrance Buzzer

Contact Core Management to have the front entrance buzzer connected to your phone. You can unlock the front door for a visitor who has called you from the front entrance by pressing 9 on your phone. You can see your visitors in the front entrance on cable television channel 117 or 717.

Visitor Parking

It will be necessary for all visitors to register their vehicles through our automated interactive registration program. In order to register a visiting vehicle, simply follow the instructions on the signs.

Visitors have three options to register:

  1. (i) call our 24/7 registration system at: 1 780 800 7398
  2. (ii) register on line; or 
  3. (iii) SMS by text, text is the quickest method. 

Please see posted signs for registration instructions, the signs are installed at all Visitor Parking and handicap parking locations throughout the property. Maximum visitor stay time at the property is 12 Hours, between 7pm and 7am and between 7am and 7pm the maximum time is 4 hours. A maximum of 10 Visits per month are permitted per visitor. Extended or consecutive stays beyond posted limits must be approved by the board. Any vehicles exceeding the 10 Visits per month will be considered resident and subject to a violation.

Lot numbers assigned to the property is: 68

NOTE: The Virtual Parking Permit stays with the license plate number of the visiting vehicle; the maximum visiting time limit will be posted on the new signs.

Residents are not permitted to park resident owned vehicles in the visitor parking locations at any time.


If you are renting a unit, issues inside your unit are the unit owner's responsibility. Contact the unit owner or the person you pay your rent to for questions about your unit or repairs needed.

Access cards and keys

Contact Core Management if you need an access card ($100), remote opener ($100), fitness room key ($10), or bicycle cage key ($10). You must call a locksmith for unit keys or mailbox keys. Immediately report lost or stolen access cards to Core Management.


Noise is not allowed between 10 PM and 8 AM. Even though The Cosmopolitan is a concrete structure, noise can be transmitted through walls and floors. Please keep music and television volumes low and walk softly, especially if your unit has hardwood floors.

If you have a noise disturbance complaint past 11:00pm please call the Police Liaison at 780-423-4567 and an officer can be sent to the property. 

Bicycles and Rollerblades

Bicycles are not allowed in the lobby, elevators, or hallways, and rollerblades must not be worn on any carpeted surface. Bicycles must be stored in the bicycle cage located in the northwest corner of the ground level parkade. Contact Core Management for a key to the bicycle cage. Bicycles must be brought in and out of the building using the rear entrance in the ground level parkade. An exception may be made for a bicycle if you request and receive permission in writing from the board of directors.

Garbage and recycling

The garbage room contains a trash dumpster and a recycling dumpster and is located in the Southwest corer of the ground level parkade. The small garbage cans near the elevators in both parkades are for vehicle garbage only, please take your household garbage to the garbage room. Please break down all recycling boxes before placing them in the recycling dumpster to help reduce pick up costs.

Large items left in the garbage room

Large items, such as furniture or renovation materials, cannot be left in the garbage room. The city of Edmonton will not pick up any large items. If you leave large items in the garbage room, you will be charged the cost to have a large waste removal company pick up and take your items to the city dump.


Keep hot barbeques 24 inches away from the building or the wall insulation may be damaged which will greatly affect the insulating value of the wall, and the insulation may catch on fire.


Heat, water, and natural gas are included in your condominium fees. Power is not included. You can make a difference in the rate of increase of your condominium fees, utilities consume over 50% of the annual operating budget. Utility costs can be reduced by:

  • Turning off lights when not in use
  • Do not unnecessarily flush the toilet, it consumes 6 liters of water per flush
  • Take short showers instead of a bath to reduce water consumption
  • Keep window blinds open during the day in winter to add heat to the closed loop heat system
  • Keep window blinds closed during the day in the summer to reduce cooling requirements
  • Maintain at least 10 degrees difference between the heat and cool setting on your thermostat
  • Keep barbeques 24 inches away from the wall or the insulation may be damaged or catch on fire

Renting a parking stall

ContactCore Management if you have a parking stall you would like to rent to someone, or to check and see if anyone has expressed interest in renting their stall. Parking stalls can only be rented to other building residents. Rental parking spots are rare, so be prepared to make alternate arrangements. There is free on-street parking 2 blocks West of the building.

Changing door locks

The outside of all suite doors must look the same and may not be changed, only the deadbolt lock tumbler may be modified. The deadbolt lock tumbler may be removed and re-keyed. 

Hot water

The developer of The Cosmopolitan building installed hot water restrictors in all showers. If you do not have satisfactory temperature water in your suite, call a plumber to adjust your water controls. The Cosmopolitan building has four commercial hot water tanks that are inspected once per week to ensure they are operating at the maximum allowable temperature.

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees are not allowed in The Cosmopolitan building. A fire caused by a real Christmas tree will not be covered by our building insurance policy.

Locked out

If you are locked out of your suite, just like owning a house, you are responsible to get yourself back in. Call a locksmith or arrange with a neighbor to keep a spare key for you. If you lose your access card or it malfunctions, contact Core Management.


All building residents can help make our homes more secure:

  • Do not open doors to strangers or leave open doors unattended.
  • Wait for parkade doors to close fully when entering or leaving the building.
  • Do not leave anything of value in your vehicle.
  • Ask suspicious persons if they live in the building and who our property manager is.
  • Call city police if you feel criminal activity is in progress.
  • Report suspicious activity to the board of directors so a general notice can be posted.
  • Advise your visitors of the safety precautions listed here.


As a unit owner, you are responsible for and need to buy your own insurance to cover your personal property and personal liability. If a problem in your unit causes damage in another unit, you are responsible to pay for the damage costs to all affected units and common areas.

Renovations and repairs

When you buy a condominium unit, you acquire title to a space that is often bounded by walls, floors and ceilings. You are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and remodeling of the interior of your unit. The board of directors must approve any remodeling plans. If the common property or the building structure is affected, the board will need to approve the changes before you make them.

Replace your toilet tank flapper

If you are hearing the sound of water dripping inside your toilet, or can see a constant stream of water inside your toilet bowl, even though it has not been flushed, it is time to replace your toilet tank flapper. You can replace your toilet flapper with a FLUIDMASTER BULLSEYE FLAPPER model 500, 501, or 502 available at The Home Depot.

Electrical outlets

If only one of the two plug connections in your electrical outlets is working, the breaker switch located in your utility room needs to be switched off and then on again to reset the circuit. This occurs when an electrical circuit has been partially overloaded.

Fitness room

The exercise room is on the main level and contains a universal gym, stationary bicycle, elliptical trainer, treadmill, balance ball, and a free weight rack. When finished using the exercise room, please turn off the television and lights.


The thermostat in each suite controls heating and cooling. To set the desired temperature range to be maintained in your suite, press the “I” button. After pressing the “I” button, if the word “heat” is displayed under the temperature setting, use the up and down arrows to set temperature at which your heating will turn on at. After pressing the “I” button, if the word “cool” is displayed under the temperature setting, use the up and down arrows to set temperature at which your cooling will turn on at. Make sure the difference between the heat and cool temperature setting is at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit for energy conservation. Make sure the word "Auto" is displayed below the "System" and "Fan" setting.

Red light on your thermostat

If your thermostat has a red light illuminated and you are not getting sufficient heating or cooling, there is a problem with the heating and cooling pump located in the utility room in your unit. The most common problem is a dirty filter. Remove the 16 X 20 X 1 filter located at the back of the heat pump unit, insert a new filter, and turn the heat pump breaker in the fuse box located in your utility room off and on to reset the heat pump system. If this does no fix the problem, call T&P Mechanical at 780-489-0777 for service.

Closed loop water source heat pump system

The Cosmopolitan building units are heated and cooled using a high efficiency closed loop water source heat pump. The closed loop water source heat pump system takes advantage of heating and cooling requirements of each space in the entire building by recovering otherwise wasted energy in some spaces for better use elsewhere in the system. In cold weather, the heat pump removes heat from the water loop and transfers it to the air. In hot weather, the unit removes heat from the air and transfers it back into the water loop. Since zones have different cooling and heating requirements, the system balances energy use based on the needs of the entire system.

Renting Units

If you want to rent your unit to someone else, you must inform the corporation in writing of your intent, your future address, and the amount of the monthly rent. You must tell the corporation in writing your tenant’s name within 20 days after the tenancy starts. The corporation may require that you pay a deposit that could be used to repair or replace common property damaged by your tenant. The tenant is bound by the bylaws of the corporation. If your tenant contravenes the bylaws or damages the common property or the corporation’s property, the corporation can ask you to evict the tenant or the eviction notice to the tenant directly.