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In case of an emergency contact Core Management at:


Core Management Group, Inc.
Mail: Box 642, Station Main, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2K8
Office: 300, 8104 82 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0Y4
Fax: 780-665 – 6081
Telephone: 780-651-1577


Fire alarms

Your suite and the building is equipped with visual and audible fire alarms. When the building safety equipment is activated there will be a loud beeping and a strobe light throughout your suite and the building. When this happens, everyone must leave their suite with the doors closed and unlocked and come to the main floor of the building using the stairwells. When the alarm is activated the elevators automatically go to the main floor and are locked out of use.

Fire sprinklers

The fire sprinklers located in each suite are live which means they are pressurized with water. When working around the sprinkler heads use extreme caution. If the glass in the center of a sprinkler head breaks, the fire alarm system will be activated and water will spray continuously. This does not set off all sprinklers in your unit, they have to be activated individually. If a sprinkler is accidentally activated, it can be shut off in the stairwells to minimize water damage. The shut off valves are located in the south stairwell. Close valve # 1 and valve # 2.