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Notice: Construction Update and Water Loss Risk

Posted on Friday, April 20 2018

Dear Owners,

A few items came up from the Board of Directors meeting last night, where the following information needs to be brought to the Owner(s) attention.

The Lobby Project and this weeks' delays have brought some concern to some owners as this weeks' scheduling was completely off and has inconvenienced residents. Tiling work was slated for Tuesday and Wednesday but sub-trade scheduling delayed the progress so that the work has carried onto the rest of the day (Friday). The front Vestibule will not be tiled until the old main entrance doors have been removed and replaced with the new ones. There will be another disruption when this takes place and advanced notice will be provided to the residents.

In one of the forum messages an owner inquired of the project budget breakdown. We will be working with the consultant to have this presented to the Owners and have it out when the document is ready.

Last, an Owner brought this to the Condo Corporations attention of a water backup that took place in their Unit, which was located in the laundry room washer drain. In this particular case, build up seemed to have collected and hardened over the years of using the washing machine which caused any water coming down the washer drain to overflow. As this is part of the Owners duty to maintain and repair their Unit, please consider this information for your consideration in addressing this for your Unit.

Again, thanks again for your patience with the Lobby work - the Contractor is confident that the deadline will be met and we trust that necessary information will be provided to the Board of Directors should something unexpected arise.

Thank you,
Roland Palaypay

Sent on behalf of the Board of Directors