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Seasonal Crime Alert

Posted on Tuesday, November 28 2017


With the holiday season upon us we wanted to point out a few simple things that you can do to potentially make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone and to avoid any loss of property/gifts. While shopping during this time of year many of us make multiple stops as we attend a variety of stores to purchase gifts for loved ones. Please keep your purchases out of view and stow them in the trunk or rear area of your vehicle. Consider bringing a blanket to cover your purchases if you operate a van or SUV. Thieves wander the lots of retail outlets blending in with the crowd in search of property left in plain sight, avoid being victimized and store your purchases out of view.

The season also brings an increased volume of mail as friends and family from out of town send gifts to loved ones, with the increase in online shopping many of us have gifts delivered to our homes as well. Please keep an eye on the Canada Post Boxes as these are a common target in search of Christmas cash/cheques.


Thank you,

Core Real Estate Group