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Did you know?...

Posted on Thursday, November 09 2017


Does condensation build up on the inside of your Unit's windows? If it does, you’re not alone. As homes are sealed better against air leakage, natural ventilation to the outdoors is reduced. As a result, indoor air becomes much more likely to contain damaging levels of moisture.

If your windows sweat enough to require periodic wiping with a towel, then you have a problem! And this problem goes beyond ruined window-frame finishes and mould growth on windowsills. It includes the very real potential for decay within wall cavities and attics, too. Problems like peeling paint, rotting wood, insulation deterioration, mildew, and water seepage to Unit's below where moisture spots on ceilings and walls are identified. Window condensation can also be a sign of low indoor-air quality which affects your health!

What can you do?

1. Watch the temperature in your home.
2. Refrain from blocking window with items like furniture or blinds, let the air hit the window
3. Open windows slightly when the outside temperature permits (+15° C degrees).
4. Use proper ventilation: run your bathroom and kitchen vent fans to help circulate or move the air out and within the unit.
5. Direct a fan directly onto the window.
6. Or, purchase a dehumidifier.

Thank you,


Core Real Estate Group and

The Board of Directors