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No Smoking in common areas

Posted on Wednesday, April 19 2017

Dear residents,

Our office has been informed that cigarette butts are being left inside the 12th floor stair wells, as this is a fire hazard and could cause potential problems. Further, throwing items like cigarette butts, over the balconies are also prohibited by the City of Edmonton and is a potential hazard to the Units below. 

In the City of Edmonton, you can't smoke:

• Inside a public building
• Within 5 metres of a doorway, window or air intake
• On a patio related to a business, restaurant, lounge or nightclub
• In a bus, taxi, LRT, bus shelter or on an LRT platform
• In bars, bingo halls and casinos
• Within 10 metres at or around playgrounds, spray parks, sports fields and courts and temporary, seasonal outdoor ice skating rinks

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office.

Thank you for your anticipated compliance regarding this matter,

Core Real Estate Group and The Board of Directors