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Residential NO-CHARGE Energy Saving Program - Gov't Alberta

Posted on Friday, March 03 2017

The Alberta Government has just announced a new program whereby home owners may be eligible for energy efficiency upgrades. Please see the information below. Note, this is a new program and we have not been able to fully investigate this, however, we wanted to pass the information along to the unit owners as there may be some benefit for you. Please feel free to investigate this further:

Albertans who register today for the Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program – through – will be contacted starting in April for appointments for in-home installations of practical, no-charge efficiency products.
“You can be among the first Albertans in line for savings available through this program. All of the home upgrades are at no charge to you and they’ll reduce your electricity bills.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office
All Alberta households are eligible to participate regardless of income or housing type. Installation will be conducted by qualified agents who schedule home visits. Installers will remove old products and replace them with more energy-efficient products, such as:

• LED products to replace existing incandescent nightlights, lightbulbs and exit signs
• High-efficiency shower heads
• Faucet aerators if no aerator is present
• Advanced power bars
• Smart (self-adjusting) thermostat to replace non-programmable thermostats

Energy efficiency programs create jobs in construction and energy services and grow future-ready industries such as solar generation. These are just some of the many ways that the Alberta government is working to make life better for Albertans.

“Registering today will help you to know how you can start improving and enhancing your home. It’s easy to do and will make your living space more comfortable.” David Dodge, Chair, Energy Efficiency Alberta

Ecofitt is a third-party service provider hired to manage the delivery of the Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program. With an office in Calgary, Ecofitt specializes in the delivery of energy and water conservation programs across Canada. Ecofitt is hiring a number of individuals in a variety of positions to deliver the program to Albertans. Interested applicants can find out more about the jobs by clicking on the careers tab at

In addition to the Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program, Energy Efficiency Alberta will be offering other opportunities this year to help Albertans save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including:

• Residential and Commercial Solar Program (launched Feb. 27, 2017 Rebates to help Albertans tap solar resources)
• Residential Retail Products Program
• Business, Non-Profit, and Institutional Energy Savings Program

Further information about these initiatives will be shared on as it becomes available.
Revenue from the carbon levy will provide the funds for rebates and incentives for families and communities to invest in energy-saving appliances, solar panels and retrofits of homes and buildings.


Roland Palaypay
Property Manager