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Air B&B

Posted on Monday, February 11 2019

Hi everyone,

It has come to our attention that there may be a unit(s) in the building that are being operated as a short term rental. We want to address this concern and remind Owners, as the use of a Unit in this manner is contrary to the Bylaws.

We would ask that all owners review the Bylaws to be sure that you remain compliant with the various Bylaws governing the use of units etc. If you are currently renting your unit in a manner such as an AirBnB or other short term rental such as that we ask that you stop immediately.

If anyone has any questions or concerns in this matter, please call Core Management at any time.

Use and Occupancy Restrictions

43.(a) An Owner SHALL NOT:
(ii) use or permit the use of his Unit other than as a single family dwelling or for a purpose other than for residential purposes. Not limiting the foregoing, the Owner shall not use his Unit or Building or any part thereof for any commercial, professional or other business purposes or for any purpose which may be illegal or injurious to the reputation of the Corporation or for a purpose involving the attendance of the public at such Building or Unit, without express written consent from the Board;

Tenants and Occupants

45.(a) An Owner who leases or grants possession of his Unit to any tenant or occupant shall:
(i) Comply with the damage deposit requirements (if any) of the Corporation;
(ii) Cause the tenant or occupant to undertake in writing to be bound by and comply with the Bylaws of the Corporation; and

(iii) Give notice in writing to the Corporation of the tenancy or other occupancy accompanied by the written undertaking of the tenant, tenants or occupants to be bound by the Bylaws of the Corporation; provided that nothing herein shall in any way remove, waive or alter the responsibility of each Owner for the performance of all Bylaws by all person using or occupying his Unit.
(b) Notwithstanding anything else herein contained, prior to entering into a lease of a Unit, an Owner must provide to the Board a notice of his intention to lease, the terms and identity of the proposed tenant(s) and must not enter into such lease until the Owner has received the consent to such lease in writing form the Board of Directors, which consent may not be unreasonably or arbitrarily withheld. The Owner shall not be released of any of his obligations and shall be jointly and severally liable with the proposed lessee or occupant with respect to such obligations.


Core Real Estate Group

Roland Palaypay

Property Manager


Bicycle Audit

Posted on Wednesday, February 06 2019

To All Owners and Residents

The Cosmopolitan
10909 – 103 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2W7

Re: Bicycle Audit
Condominium Corporation No. 042 6224 o/a The Cosmopolitan

In an effort to clean up the abandoned bikes on the bicycle racks, an audit will be conducted for all the bicycles being stored within the building. A registration system will be created to facilitate the organization and tracking of bicycles. The bicycle racks are intended only for current residents of the building and through this audit, we can expect that more spaces will be created for storage of your bicycles.

All residents are required to register their bicycles by filling out the enclosed form and submitting it to Core Real Estate Group by no later than March 15, 2019. After this date tags will be distributed under the unit doors and must be displayed on the bicycle at all times.

After the audit has been completed, bicycle racks will be monitored regularly, and any untagged bicycles will be removed and disposed of.

In order to get a tag for your bicycle, please submit the form to Core Real Estate Group in any method mentioned, on the attached form.

Please be advised that this package will be delivered to each unit, as well as mailed to all offsite owners.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Core Real Estate Group.

Board of Directors
The Cosmopolitan

Holiday Hours

Posted on Monday, December 17 2018

Attention Residents

Please be advised that our office will be closed for the Christmas holidays from December 24th 12:00pm – January 2nd.

If your matter is urgent please contact our emergency line 780.651.1577.

Happy Holidays and All the Best in the New Year.

Thank you,
Core Real Estate Group


Posted on Monday, December 10 2018

There is a freezing rain warning in Edmonton. When there are extreme temperatures such as this where the Government feels necessary to issue a weather alert, it is extreme and everyone needs to take caution.

Due to the extreme weather warning please understand the entire city is in the same position so it will take time for snow removal people to get to each site.


Thank you,


Power Outage

Posted on Friday, December 07 2018

Attention Residents

Please be advised that there is a power outage in the downtown area. Estimated time for it to be back on is 8:00am.

Thank you,

Core Real Estat Group

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